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I have a couple ladies that I am going to move into the bloom room tonight or tomorrow. 1 of them grew taller then the others. taller than what I would like. I thought about topping it but there would be a lot that would go to waste. I had also thought about topping it and use that for a clone. I have read in the past that it is hard to try and get a top to clone. Is this true. Should i try and clone the top or leave it be and just gently tie it down to the side?

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when do clones become a plant after rooting or at 12' tall??? toward my 12 plant per legal limit


Depends on how much of a jackazz LEO wants to be. Roots or not it's a live cutting intended to grow into a plant. Doesn't matter if it's a couple inches or a foot tall. It's not worth having a couple un-rooted clones to put you over the limit and get your name in the court system. Better safe than sorry.

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