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Exit Stage Left-the Truth On Television/tv News Production, Libor And You

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So, who here understands the Issue with LIBOR that has been becoming known in the last month?


If you have a Loan, a Savings account, fee collected checking account, Stocks, Retirement, Credit Cards, Bonds, Money in your Pocket ect... Then the Recent Outing of the Largest Ponzi Scheme Ever Pulled is effecting you...



To get you up to date, here are a few things to get up to date with.


The Scandal/Exposing of the LIBOR issue started around June in the UK, with the Bank of England, the Central Bank of the UK, and Owned by the same group of people that just happen to own the Central Banks of the European pack, the Austrailian Center Bank/ Euasia Central Bank, and Yes, the United Stated Federal Bank and the Federal Reserve/IRS agency...

These are NOT FEDERALLY OWNED Agencies, but in fact, Privately Owned Banking systems, all with the same handful of Individual Families.



Lets start out with LIBOR, and how it effects you.


And More Importantly, WHY is it such LOW REPORT Value in the New, Ironically owned by the same Families that own the Central Banks.


This is in the HOUSE of Lords in the UK, June 28, 2012.





Something a Tad Closer to Home.

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Now, what do We hear about on TV?



Tom and Katy get divorced.


the Higgs Boson Particle.


Mars Rover






But the Biggest Scandal perpetrated over the last 100Yrs (Think Central Banks and the Federal Reserve).



Right now, in the current sign of the times, this is being slid under the rug, hoping you don't notice.


It doesnt matter who you are, what you do, work, or retired, Draw SS or a Pension (or was going to until it was lost in the Derivative's Markets), a bank or a credit card, or have money in your pocket, you are being Robbed by the Big Banks/Federal Reserve, and Every Banking system out there, whether they knew about it or not, but as you will come to discover, they are all aware of the fraud at some point...


We have many important issues going on in the USA atm, and even here in Michigan. But this is something that TRULY effects Everyone of us right to the Core of what we consider our Modern LIves, and that which we are leaving behind for our children to try to make right....



This Simply Must get to be known by everyone you know, as it simply effects everyone you know.


As the Fed Reserve Bails out to the tune of Trillions, it further makes your dollar worth less.

Currently, in the terms of REAL MONEY, that Dollar Bill in your pocket, is actually worth just about .14 cents. oh, it also costs about .14 cents to print that dollar bill... Every one they Print and add to the system, without removing more from Circulation, or increasing the value of the dollar by PRODUCTION in the US being shipped and sold abroad, the less that dollar bill is worth..



Sleep Tight....

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