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I was corresponding with caveatlector from this site.

We were sending pms back an fourth, i had askased him for a contact no. as he told me he could help out my daughters boyfriend.

I received an email stating there were issues sending pms.

Has anyone else had problems sending pms through this site?

And also does anyone know this person?

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I have talked with the member Caveatlector often. I did notice there was a red BLOCK on the pm's from CL. Only time I have ever seen that. I can say that CL is a very genuine cannabis patient advocate. Helps patients regularly. I think that some people here have a problem with CL because of the obvious legal knowledge CL has and isn't going to be pushed into saying something is legal when it's not all that clearly legal. I think CL gives fair and balanced advice consistently and is a huge asset here for patients. CL has a lot to offer. I'll try to send CL a pm and report back.

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