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By Eric Weiland | July 28, 2012 17:05:10 PM CDT





Making your own tinctures can be incredibly effective and fun way to medicate. Tinctures are typically made by adding kief, hash, or extremely dry, ground buds to alcohol. It can be placed in small, discreet spray bottles for patients to use “on the go.” While it may be made with any of the above mentioned medications, kief usually provides optimum results.




Everclear or other high-proof alcohol (minimum of 90 proof)

Kief (1.25 grams for every fluid ounce)

Glass jar

2 cheesecloth sheets

2 coffee filters





Keep both your alcohol and kief as cold as possible (preferably in your freezer or in a sealed bag in a dry ice bath). Place both the cold kief and Everclear in a glass jar and shake it up vigorously for 5 to 7 minutes. After you have done this, return the jar to the freezer. Every 2 hours or so repeat this process for 72 hours (it’s okay if you don’t do it exactly every two hours). After the 3 days is up you can take the mixture out of the freezer and strain it through two layers of clean cheesecloth. Squeeze out the cheesecloth and save the remaining ball for effective topical use. The liquid that was collected by straining through the cheesecloth should then be filtered 2 times through a single paper coffee filter. While your are conducting this part of the process, be sure to wear gloves. If a clear liquor is used, the mixture should appear as a golden-green color. For those patients who are particularly sensitive to alcohol tastes, extremely sparse amounts of flavoring may be added, such as lemon, cherry, vanilla or banana. Lastly, add this mixture to a small, sterile spray bottle, food-coloring dropper, et cetera.

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