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Planet Green Trees Radio episode 109

Thursday Aug. 30th 8-10pm


Call in to just listen or to participate in the discussion at

347-326-9626 or listen on line



Joe White, who developed the presentation "The War On Drugs: 30 Years Of Failed Policy" and who will offer this presentation at the next Brighton Compassion Club meeting Sept. 9, will join us to discuss this and his other reform activities.


Also Charmie Gholson, founder of MI Moms United, and LEAP representative Diane Goldstein retired Redondo Beach Lt., and trained SWAT officer, will discuss the militarization of the police and other issues.


Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn and Chad from Birmingham Compassion.


KomornLaw 18006563557


Follow on twitter @KomornLawMi.

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Also on the agenda:

Michigan Court of Appeals rules-The police do not need to determine if the target of the investigation is a patient or caregiver before getting a warrant. This is a good reason the HB 4834- access to the registry is not needed.





Here is the worst quote from the opinion: “Contrary to the trial court’s holding, this Court has held that the MMMA does not abrogate state criminal prohibitions related to marijuana. The MMMA as a whole constitutes a “very limited, highly restricted exception to the statutory proscription against the manufacture and use of marijuana in Michigan.”



Lower Court: OTTAWA COUNTY CIRCUIT COURT, No. 10-034500-FH

Opinion - Per Curiam - Published




Michael A. Komorn

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CALL IN NUMBER: (347) 326-9626

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w/ Attorney Michael Komorn


The most relevant radio talk show for the Michigan Medical Marijuana Community. PERIOD.


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Look at who we booked for tonight's show. And this is just one of the 3 Special Guests.  

Planet Green Trees Episode 109 Tonight 8-10 - Call in Number 13473269626 

Diane Goldstein 




About Diane Goldstein

Retired Lieutenant Commander


Lieutenant Commander, Redondo Beach Police Department (Ret.) 


"Prohibition is unwise fiscal policy. Education and treatment would be far more effective."


With more than 20 years in law enforcement, Diane Goldstein has made numerous arrests as a longtime foot soldier of the war on drugs. After joining the Redondo Beach Police Department in 1983, she rose from a Patrol Officer and School Resource Officer to Sergeant in the Special Investigations Unit, finally retiring as a Lieutenant Commander in 2004. During her time on the frontlines, her perspective on the war on drugs shifted gradually to strong opposition. It was a change forged not only through her professional experience, but by the wrenching personal impact of having a vulnerable family member become a casualty of this war:

"I was extremely close with my older brother and watched him battle mental illness, through long periods of sobriety, deep valleys of marijuana and other illegal drug use to help him during severe manic states. As a youth, he made mistakes and was held accountable for them by the judicial system. But with psychotropic meds and mental health treatment, he managed to mature, remain sober and work productively until his 40s when he lost his job and was unable to afford ongoing mental health treatment. My brother was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia-a misdemeanor-but it propelled his descent into a justice system that wouldn't consider any mitigating factors, only his previous felony conviction."


As Diane rose through the ranks of law enforcement, she coordinated multiple agencies in probation and parole searches and became a specialist in juvenile crime prevention, gang intervention, and a recognized leader in crisis management. She also developed national training guidelines and policies for use during critical incidents.


Diane joined LEAP as a result of her own experiences and what she read in LEAP speaker Judge James Gray's book, Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed And What We Can Do About It: A Judicial Indictment of the War on Drugs. As she puts it, our nation's program of drug prohibition is fiscally unsound and fundamentally unjust.


A member of the California Association of Hostage Negotiators, Diane received that organization's Honorary Life Member Award, and earned the Herman Goldstein Excellence in Problem Solving Team Award for her work on a gang interdiction task force. In her spare time, Diane volunteers as Executive Director for the Bruce Randall Foundation helping at-risk student/athletes, and enjoys time with her family and grandchild.




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