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Medical Marijuana - Tmj Pain Mgmt

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I was in a car accident 4 years ago which along with my near decapitation, resulted in a pretty nasty case of TMJ. I've been diagnosed formally and I've consulted my periodontist about ways to aleviate this absolutely constant pain. His only remedies were a $5,000 split i couldn't afford with no insurance, valium which did not work and left me feeling drugged, and opiates, of which i'm a recovering addict.


Since I have my doctor visits documented since 2008, could i acquire a doctors recommendation for medical marijuana for TMJ under the guideline's of severe or chronic pain?


if this has been discussed previous to myself, i am sorry, but i couldn't find a search function of the forum for the life of me!

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I have seen people suffering from chronic pain all day long, and I have always heard that there is no real over the counter solution for chronic pain. I would also mention that marijuana didn’t counteract with the opiates already present in the body, and it alleviates patients with chronic pain. Hope Jack have a list of some good medical marijuana doctors.

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my regular (oakwood) doc refuses to sign my recomendation but wants to send me to a pain clinic, gee thanks doc may as well go find me a herion dealer next with my addictive personality. I have records a mile long 3 major operations born with multiple congentitial extosis and i will die with it.

forced to go to a card mill clinic bunny muffins its frustrating. If i went to the pain clinice should be able to sue doc for malpractice for turning me/us int addicts when there is a better solution out there and politics are the deciding factor.

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