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Any Tips Or Suggestions For Noob ?aeroflo20


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hey guys i recentley picked up an AeroFlo 20 system (the one without the sprayers) and it has a additional 10 site add-on tube. I've been growing in dirt for years now but the lure of crazy big yeilds has brought me here.was wondering if anyone has any ideas or plans for a 10 or 12 plant sytem (perpetual or one shot) ?How to plug unused sites? I aslo hear alot about running pumps for 24 hours or different timing...PLEASE HELP THIS NOOB ! :bong7bp:

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Not currently set up or growing, but I ran a AF60 through three or four cycles.


I t always got overgrown. tried to do see of green with some success.


Definitley consider plugging every other hole plus staggered between tubes. Even still I never had enough room.

you could even start some in all the holes then before they start raging you can take the odd plants out and transfer to dirt hydro or ...


My pump ran 24/7. Don't let it run dry. You can tell by the noise once it starts going it sounds like a loud dishwasher, low on water it gets much more quiet.


ph about 5.6 - 6.0; ppm 100 to 1500+


ps: I used different things to plug the holes from 2" cellophane tape, works or even some panda paper cut into little squares [6x6] just lay them on top doesn't leak too bad.

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