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I Have A Question

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I have a medical marijuana Dr.who has taken care of my renewels an had first signed me up.

I moved from up north to bay city back in November, as of now I don't have a Dr yet here.

I've been on tramadol for my hep c an fibromialga an other ailments, I've been on tramadol for 18 years an am about to run out, I have never ran out, the mm Dr helped me out till I find a Dr but haven't able to find one thats accepting new patients, the one place i did find isnt accepting patients till October .

I'm about to run out and my mm Dr hasn't returned my phone calls, i just became a grandmother for the first time last week an now my daughter is in the hospital with a severe kidney infection and I'm caring for the baby on 1 hour sleep, i cant go through withdrawls right now.

My question is, we are supposed to have a Dr that takes care of our other medical needs, shouldn't my mm Dr be helping me besides with certification?

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yes and if you have been on it that long they have records, you failed to say if a recipectionist was answering or you were getting the answering machine, My dr quit me when i got my card, I had been on methadone and xanax for 12 yrs, I couldnt find another dr. right away, when it was time for my meds to be refilled i called the dr. that quit me and said i didnt find a dr. yet and im running out, so should i just go check into e.r now or what, they took care of my meds till i found a new dr.


Best of Luck!





edit= unfortunatly most of us have our primary care dr's. and our mm dr. and if the primary care dr does a urine screen most will drop ya for mm even with your card, sux!!

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The Gladwin Family Care Clinic will sign for the MMJ card .......... but only if you are not on opiates. I was fine with that. I stopped the pain pills and muscle relaxers, and now have had the card for a few years, since my back surgery, in '09.


This works for me, but not everyone. We all have different issues, and different tolerances to pain and discomfort.


PM me if you need further info. Dr. Bob makes his rounds, too. Good luck and stay safe.

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if you head over to wheeler rd, by Maynards, you ll find Monitor Rd between maynards and the overpass. Head North (most likely you ll be turning right unless you come off the Eway) about 1/2 a mile, and on the Left is a Clinic that is staffed by Volenteer Drs from the Tri City areas. Single story yellow siding/brick i believe. Costs are Low if you pay with cash (graduated scale) and they should be able to atleast get you through hopefully. I ll try to remember the name, but I would suggest a call first as they can be busy, and it can allow you to ask some questions before you head over.



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