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Know Your Enemy - Richardville, Randy (R-Monroe)

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If you don't want to read the whole article jump down to the highlighted and underlined section:


Bing, Richardville Meet On Lighting Bill


Detroit Mayor David BING said he's fine with Detroit's income tax rate being rolled back to 2.4 percent, but he wants the level frozen in place if and when the Senate moves on legislation creating an authority to manage the Motor City's streetlights.


Meeting with Senate Majority Leader Randy RICHARDVILLE (R-Monroe) today, Bing made the case that the gradual rollback of Detroit's income tax rate, as currently written in state law, "is not going to help us."


"We're already in all kinds of financial strain so anywhere we can get additional revenue, we need that," Bing said. "If they take it from this pocket, where is it going to come from?"


On July 1, Detroit's income tax dropped from 2.5 to 2.4 percent because the city didn't meet three of four economic indicators that would have kept the rate at 2.5 for several months. The rate will continue to go down unless the law is changed, Bing said, which is needed to help the cash-strapped city plan.


Richardville has ruled out setting out setting the city's income tax rate back to 2.5 (See "Deal On Detroit Lighting Bill Switched Off, Again," 7/18/12).


Prior to the meeting, Richardville said he was willing to work on street lighting, transportation and other Detroit issues such as Belle Isle and do it before the Lame Duck session later this year.


However, he was not pleased with the manner in which the city has implemented the consent agreement ironed out last April.


"It seems like we're not making positive strides," he said, adding that it tends to feel like every time the state makes a suggestion the city says, "'No thanks' . . . We get criticized every time we try."


The session with Bing, from Richardville's perspective, was to determine how the state can help the city, but he does not want to do it piece-meal or one issue at a time.


"We need a comprehensive approach," Richardville said.


After the 20-to 30-minute meeting, which included the Senate Minority Leader and members of the Detroit delegation, Bing said the meeting went well, but more will be known in the next 48 hours after the Senate Republicans have time to "regroup and have their internal conversation."


Said Richardville: "It was a nice meeting . . . a preliminary discussion to determine what we agreed upon." He noted that in the past when legislation was set to move, it was not always clear if everyone was on board.


MIRS wondered if the Mayor would get the votes?


"I'm not sure to be honest with you," the Monroe lawmaker offered, adding the members could be all over the lot.


"It's a big caucus. Some will say it's their rate and we should let them do it while others might say maybe not."



Richardville: Re-Do Marijuana Vote


Richardville also adds his name to the list of those who want a re-do vote on the 2008 medical marijuana law passed by the public.


"I wouldn't have a problem with that," he said after MIRS reported that Sen. Rick JONES (R-Grand Ledge) was looking at going down the road of putting the law back on the ballot (See "Should Voters Get Another Hit Of Medical Marijuana?" 8/31/12).


The Majority Leader's endorsement is based on his contention that the voters did not embrace what has happened with the law.


"I don't think the intent of the people was actually voted on," he said, adding that the law has been misused from its original intention of helping those in pain. Instead he worries that weed has become more "easily accessible" and is now filtering down into the communities with an impact on the schools and crime and young citizens.



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