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Tell Your Senator Not To Gut Medical Marijuana Law - Fyi

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Tell your senator not to gut medical marijuana law


Dear Alternative Solutions Plus:


The Michigan Senate is back in session this week. Four billswe’ve told you about before are all still pending on the Senate floor. That means any of them, including a bill that could give federal law enforcement agencies direct access to medical marijuana registry information, could be voted on at any time. There are also at least a few other bills opposed by the patient community that the Senate could debate.



Ask your state senator to oppose efforts to undermine Michigan’s medical marijuana law.


Aside from the four we’ve been monitoring, the most outrageous of the remaining bills is SB 977, sponsored by Senate Judiciary Chairman Rick Jones, which would remove glaucoma from the list of qualifying medical conditions. Several studies have shown that marijuana does reduce pressure in the eye, and one of four surviving patients in the federal government’s own medical marijuana program uses marijuana for glaucoma symptoms. Still, Senator Jones, who said recently that he thinks the entire law should be repealed, would like to cast science aside and overturn the will of the voters.


Don’t let that happen: ask your senators to vote no, or at least support friendly amendments, on all these bills.




Dan Riffle

Legislative Analyst

Marijuana Policy Project

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