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A Really Bad Day...


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This past friday will go as one of the, if not the, worst days of my life.

It started out great. Did some final work on my boat before heading out to Lake St Claire with a friend. Got the boat in the water, but after just an hour in the water I noticed we were taking on water.

OK, turn on the bilge pump, right?


Wrong! sad.png Nothing happens.

So, back to the dock we go.

OK, not the end of the world. right? We did get an hours fishing in.

I start backing my trailer into the water. As soon as the truck wheels hit the slime on the ramp, I start to slide, OK, a little more pressure on the brakes. POP! My foot, on the brakes, just where they belonged, goes all the way to the floor, and the truck, now just in reverse idle, but no brakes, is barreling towards the water.

Idiot! Wrong direction with the gear shift, or maybe not. I'll never now. Should I have thrown it into park?

As I struggle to open the door, now impossible under all that water pressure, I thank what ever possessed me to get out of the air conditioned air by opening ther widows, and just as ther water reaches less than an inch from the bottom of the windows, I slid over to the passenger side, as my exit on the drivers side was blocked by my boat, and slipped head first into the fishyist water I ever swallowed.

Well, I'm alive at least.

My friend and I watched as the last thing visible of my car (and trailer) was the top inch of the roof. Some onlooker had tied a rope on the side mirror and put a stop to the slide.

Wait, it gets worse. w00t.png

Right next door to the boat launch is the Macomb County Sheriff.

As I sit on the dock, dripping a good portion of Lake St Claire onto the ground, the same cop who had just asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital, walks towards me, handcuffs in hand.

Seems a visit by the "MyCity" police some two years ago has come back to haunt me.

Despite the fact that they entered my home, counted my plants, verified that I was not over my limits, nodded their heads, and told me that I was in compliance with the law, that was not good enough.

Seems that was ok for me and "MyCity". Not so with Oakland County.

It's true.

The State of Michigan says the MMMP laws exist, in Oakland County, It seems I had committed a felony.

As much as I want to tell you of my adventures in the county jails, I grow weary, and darn, I need a shower.

Perhaps another time I will share that nightmare with you.



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so you had a standing warrant out for your arrest by oakland county police?

for two years?


i'm sorry, but i'm going to laugh at the oakland county cops for not looking up your address.

wouldnt they have known your address if the city cops took a look?

i guess the city cops didnt share your addy , just your name?

but then , no one bothered to look you up?


so macomb county sherrif didnt give you your mmma protection from arrest either?

aint that a complain.


glad you made it out of the icy water alive.

many a man have slept with the fishes in the great lakes.

every year they claim more souls.

"water? never touch the stuff. fish fukk in it."

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oh brother what a nitemare, I grew up on lake st.clair, where were you launching metro?, dnr ramp at north river rd? spill way? Im so sorry about your legal problems, but I got to tell ya, I spit all over my screen reading your luanch experience, man I thought i was having a rough yr!


so did the mirror get ripped off when you towed it out, oh yea you were not there, ah macomb county jail isnt as bad as oakland or wayne unfortunatly ive found my self in all of em at least for a nite or two!


I always have blocks for my front tires at the boat ramps, I almost did the same thing, but i wasnt in the car, i was alone , backed the trailer and truck up, got out went to grab my boat and pull it on the trailer and my truck was slowly rolling back ward, ( a stick with the clutch going) I hurried and jumped in it an got it out, from then on I always chalk my front tires when i get out, my old truck didnt have parking breaks, the people waiting to launch or load their boats got a good show that day, I totaly could see your situation in my head!


any one ever tell you that you are a very good writer? well I will!


I wish you the best in your battle with a hole oakland county!



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