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Colorado Legalization Leads In Polls.


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Colorado MJ Legalization Initiative Leads in Poll Posted by CN Staff on September 15, 2012 at 05:07:13 PT

By John Ingold, Denver Post

Source: Denver Post


cannabisicon.gif Colorado -- A majority of Colorado voters support a ballot measure to legalize limited possession of marijuana, according to a new Denver Post poll.

The poll found that the measure, Amendment 64, has the support of 51 percent of likely voters surveyed, compared with 40 percent opposed. Men favor the measure more than women, a common gender split on the issue. But 49 percent of women polled said they support the measure, compared with 39 percent who said they are opposed.



Across every income bracket and in every age group except those 65 and older, more voters told pollsters they support the measure than oppose it, though some of the leads fall within the 4-percentage-point margin of error. Voters younger than 35 support the measure by a margin of 30 percentage points, 61 percent to 31 percent, according to the poll.

The automated telephone poll was conducted Sept. 9-12 for The Post by New Jersey-based SurveyUSA. About 26 percent of those questioned were cellphone-only users, who were shown a questionnaire on their smartphone, tablet or other electronic device. Of voters included in the sample, 34 percent said they are Republicans, 34 percent said they are Democrats, and 30 percent identified as unaffiliated voters.

While several previous polls have found more support for Amendment 64 than opposition, the Post's survey is the first independent poll to find more than 50 percent support.

That may not hold until Election Day — support for a 2010 marijuana-legalization measure in California polled at 52 percent three months before the election, while the measure ultimately failed with 54 percent opposition. But the results suggest Colorado could be in position to become the first state in the nation to legalize marijuana possession for adults for recreational use.

They also pose a challenge for the re-election campaign of President Barack Obama, who across the country is courting the young voters who support marijuana legalization while remaining opposed to the policy change.

In the run-up to the Democratic National Convention, Obama's campaign released a video intended to connect with young voters that featured actors John Cho and Kal Penn. The pair are best known for playing the titular stoners of the marijuana-laced "Harold and Kumar" movie franchise. While the video was a hit with some supporters — "Such an awesome video Mr. President," one commenter wrote on YouTube — it incensed marijuana activists who saw it as hypocrisy.


Complete Article: http://drugsense.org/url/5fomq7qg

Source: Denver Post (CO)

Author: John Ingold, Denver Post

Published: September 15, 2012

Copyright: 2012 The Denver Post

Website: http://www.denverpost.com/

Contact: openforum@denverpost.com

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