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Marijuana Vs Hydrocodone

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Hey everybody.


I've been taking a bunch of pain killers for a back injury (maybe for about a year now).

I started with 4 Vicodin 5mg/500 per day.

I got bumped up to taking 3 (then 4) 7.5mg per day.

Now I'm up to the Lorcet 10mg/650 (4 daily).


Clearly something needed to be done to stop this before it gets out of control (already kind of has...).

I've been soo making whoopee sick to my stomach almost every morning when I wake up. This usually last for about 2-3 hours (or until I smoke my first cig of the day, seems to get it all out of my system after that) but I've already missed a few classes and doctors appointments because I was too sick to get ready in time. (not to mention having the first thing you do right when you wake up is literally jump out of bed and have to physically run to the bathroom :sick: . Not really a nice way to wake up)


I've been taking the Rick Simpson oil maybe 3 or 4 small doses a week. Now with harvest coming soon I should have a good amount of very, very good buds and we are going to make more of the oil too.


My question is that I don't really have a plan of attack here. I need to be able to control the pain, limit the painkillers, and stop the horrible withdrawal symptoms.


Has anybody here done this before or have any useful suggestions on how to go about this?


P.S. I don't have a job to worry about right now, but I am taking 3 classes at the community college here, so I can't be ridiculously high all the time (maybe just a little bit high :thumbsu: )

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You are starting the right way - you admit it is too much, and you are monitoring your intake.


You need to stay on the 3x day schedule, your body is expecting it. What you need to do is reduce the amount you take at those times.

you are trending upwards in mg - 5mg to now 10mg. You need to reduce the amounts you take 3x a day. Obviously the first step would be to get back to 7.5 mg, then 5mg. This will probably take about 2 to 3 weeks. There will be issues like - you might still need 10mg to get sleep and through the night, but only need 5mg in the am, maybe 7.5mg in afternoon, etc - this is why it will take up to 3 weeks to smooth things out.


It is likely you will need a good supply of marijuana - so you don't relapse. So start this when you harvest. Good luck, I used to take 10mg 3x, now I do 5mg 3x (took a year)


DO NOT tell your doctor this - I found that doctors interpret this as "I have a drug problem, I need to get off pain meds". Stay on the regular dose with your doctor - reduce it at home, discard unused meds properly.

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First off have you doc change that Lorcet 10mg/650 to a Norco 10/325

and reduce that amount Acetaminophen intake, as it's a real liver killer!

I also agree with not letting your doc, for, now, know your wanting off the opiates

​as that can result in a 'çold turkey' situation many of us had to go through.

It happened to me by just a mention of MMJ at the pain clinic I belonged to and was

left out in the cold to manage my own pain,.Be thankful your getting some relief.

MJ itself, well in my case isn't enough to control the pain, but can and will reduce the

amount of opiates you take

Good Luck

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Best of luck Silversail. I know that big pharma hates these stories, but yes, you can, carefully get off the opiates. I have reduced them by 100%, (3000mg/day vicodens plus several others) and have posted the picture of all the pills I used to take before I got this canabis plant to use that is way safer for humans than pills. I was even taking pills for my pills! Ha Ha Ha!!! It was a large amount, and now, 0 pills. Not saying everyone could do this because every person and situation is different, but in my case, with cannabis and other proper nutrition I have eliminated all pills. May you get some relief from their deadly grasp, and soon, but as everyone says, wean slowly so you don't have a meltdown or some reation. Go slow, be safe, get a lot of information before you decide what is in your own best interest. Do it before someone decides for you that you no longer have this safer, less harmful medicine. Good luck, and may you be blessed with much success and relief!


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