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Direction Of The 3Ma?

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I have been away from the forums for many months due to time constraints and frustrations and I come back and begin to read and I end up wanting to SCREAM!


I posted this thread in a "Welcome back" post many months ago when the leadership was changing here and money issues surfaced.



Posted by northerngal on 04 April 2012 - 10:23 AM in Welcome, come on in and say hi!


I think the true focus of the 3ma was lost many moons ago. Can we blame it all on one person......I don't think so.


People are demanding answers - who has the answers? Whose answers are we to believe? What are we to do with those answers?


The real focus to me is not about blame. We can point our fingers all day and it still leaves us at square one. It also dosen't fix the issue.

The focus needs to be on whether the 3MA can be repaired and how that can be implemented. The 3ma was once THE PLACE to come for those seeking information and help, most received accurate up to date information. (talking PAST here) Helping others to learn to help themselves was a top priority at one time. Sharing opinions in a conducive environment and having others weigh in was also attractive to many. Compassion Clubs were also a clear focus of the past. We had awesome grow journals and tutorials. So many good things have fallen into the abyss here. Do we want these things back? Can we get them back?


This site may be "owned" by one individual. But without our support, this site is NOTHING. Its all of us members/contributors that made this site the top place for Michigan Medical Marijuana. It wasn't Blueberry or Michael or the almighty $$. We can keep screaming at the injustices of the past or we can strive for a better future, whether at 3MA or not.


Personally, I would love for the 3MA to be a "respected" community once again. It has fallen off the radar as far as a RELIABLE, CONSISTENT part of our movement. My personal thoughts are even with the "black eyes" it has received, it can be repaired, if we choose for it to be. IF we have clear focus and direction. (big IF here)


I have been bashed, called a troll, been told I was a member of other organizations, while a member here, as many of my aquaintances have. I have legit complaints as well. BUT my biggest complaint is PATIENTS NOT HAVING the 3MA as a place they can count on. (that has been a complaint for sometime) I know this "debacle" will eventually "blowover", but that does not solve the dilemma of the direction of the 3MA or whether the 3MA can regain its reputation of a reliable source in the Michigan MMJ community.


I understand people need to "get things off their chest" and I do not disagree with it. Many have legit concerns and complaints. One thing we must realize though is that clear answers in this case may never be had. We must decide what can be done about it......if anything at all.



I didn't get any response then but see the same issues as when it was written. (or many anyhow) The in fighting is just as bad, if not worse than before and the misinformation is abundant. This place has turned into an even bigger "tinkle.ing match"......a bunch of regulars fighting over the same old misinformation or the issues of the past.


I think many people have become frustrated due to a lack of direction and purpose. I think many more are following.


As my original post above asks: WHAT IS OUR FOCUS AND DIRECTION......and if we don't have one.........Let's fix it.

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Tarzan, so good to see you here again! I've missed you.


Thanks Letterhead954 ...


Been very Busy this Summer working hard around my Property ....

Doing All I can to Enjoy Life ....


Your Always Welcome to Stop by my Home ....

Always have tasty Meds to share w/ Friends ...


Hope Life is treating you well ?

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