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Mark Lee, Police Officer, Accused Of Assaulting Woman In Wheelchair, Her 4-Year-Old Son

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Mark Lee, Police Officer, Accused Of Assaulting Woman In Wheelchair, Her 4-Year-Old Son

A police veteran of 18 years in Robbinsville, N.J. is accused of attacking a woman in a wheelchair and her 4-year-old son.

On Monday night, Mark Lee allegedly broke into an apartment in a complex for people with disabilities, knocked an unidentified woman out of her wheelchair and assaulted her child, according to theTimes of Trenton. Police said they have no idea what motivated Lee to attack.

“He just went off his rocker,” Bill Sabo, the father of the female victim, told theTrentonian. “He ripped off all his clothes, threw them on the floor, knocked my daughter out of her wheelchair and began choking her.”

When police responded to the residence, they found Lee sitting on a couch repeatedly saying “I did a bad thing,” a source with knowledge of the situation told theTrentonian.

CBS Philadelphia reports Lee has been suspended without pay from the police department. He was on-duty at the time of the alleged assault.

Lee's bail was set at $250,000 and he was ordered to have a psychiatric evaluation.

The mother and her child were taken to the hospital and are expected to recover,according to the Times.

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I pray that I never encounter one of these psychopaths.


Question: If she had shot this guy would she be in trouble?


well id have to say most likly unless she had a video, it helps cops get off of murder charges even if it looks like they are guilty as in saginaw!


I would have to think id take my chances and shoot the phaq!





p.s you know im not defending bad cops, or bad politicians or anything like that in most of the other post, ive had issues with leo, I once said I would not let a certain leo agency arrest me again, id go down fighting, or more like they would go down fighting and id wind up a cop killer in prison! when i came to my senses, I just totaly avoid them young muscle head leo's in that part of the state, an aquantance of mine in here got caught growing 3 times in the same county, now I know myself would not grow again in that county, i would do what ever I had to do to not grow there if I had to still grow, but keep doing it and get hit 3 times you know your going to jail! to many people dont take warnings when they get em and straighten out the problem only for leo to come back and bust up your house for 3rd time and go to jail!?!

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