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Unionization And Organization


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It has been some time since I have posted on the list. I was incarcerated a while back and after being released from jail I lost my home and pretty much everything else due to the expense of it all, and my own physical limitations. So, within a month of my release I was essentially homeless. I have finally secured living quarters but attempts to contact various activist organizations I was involved with before my incarceration have been quite futile. And I was unaware of the new MMMA website until I back-tracked the recent membership auto-payment invoice. I do not presently have the luxury of a telephone and am left pretty much with the internet as my sole means of communication.


In the interim period I have tried to research options at giving caregivers a voice and push-back to the ongoing attacks against them perpetrated by an unjust legal system abusing its priviledges under color of law. IMHO the problem is a Labor issue in regard to caregivers who are essentially left without any adequate representation against this very prejudiced state of affairs, and very little in the way of protection from violence committed by an ever more tyrannical State.


I am of a firm belief that as we are obviously oppressed Workers the rational step is to organize in a Labor movement. I propose to form a caregivers union either within the Healthcare or Agricultural Industries. This could then be utilized to draw solidarity support from other unions and activists not typically associated with Medical Cannabis reform.


I mention both categories of Agriculture and Healthcare due to the Taft-Hartley act and the fact that it may not apply to agricultural workers. This may or may not be of benefit and I would be very interested in hearing legal opinion on that topic. I also believe that the recent Citizens United decision could possibly be used in an advantageous manner, in that it seems to nullify the clause against Solidarity Strikes and Boycotts since Unions are now also considered "People". Although this is debateable it does seem to be the reason for allowance of Solidarity Strikes in Wisconsin in the past year. By using "Industrial Unionism" as opposed to Craft Unionism we can also be somewhat protected because the powers that be cannot just pick any Agricultural or Healthcare Worker from the Union as a target (ie MM caregiver).


I have begun procedures to start such an organization under I.W.W. auspices which would also attract solidarity and support from a number of groups at home and abroad. After all we are not selling anything! We are providing "our labor" to those who are unable to perform such labor and in this regard we have certain rights. We don't really even own the plants we are growing for patients. We are deserving of certain rights, and are worthy of compensation for the labor we have performed for the ill. This should be acceptable under Stae law. And I believe that real caregivers do a number of things to help their patients/employers that go beyond the pale of simply growing. There are often counseling type situations, and there is definitely a requirement for various skills. I have done many things for patients myself and know within reason that most others do as well.


Dues structure has some flexibility and would also allow the Industrial body or branch to accrue funds for the legal aspects of fighting for worker rights if deemed important. An ongoing small dues payment in combination with growing numbers of Patients and Caregivers could in a short time provide significant funding in a number of directions. This would also allow caregivers a means of defense against those who would steal your jobs to promote corporate self-interests. Not to mention the body of labor law can be weilded in our defense. I believe it is still illegal to purposely end a profession because one doesn't like it. The Chiropractors used a similar argument against the AMA and won.


I would be very interested to hear if there is interest in this scenario? I am pretty much prepared to run with this if there is.


Warm Regards,


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