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Hello everyone! My name is Jordan. I am 23 and currently from Central Illinois and I am desperately looking at relocating to Michigan. I have a medical condition called primary lymphedema in a progressive state that causes alot of swelling and pain. Marijuana helps me live a normal life and in my state laws are strictly enforced with no medlaws enacted. I have a good amount of money saved up for the move and I am looking for a place to stay/rent within my means. I also have 2 years of horticultural expirience and a self suffient horticultural setup that could very potentially provide the caregiving needs of a roomate and/or someone else in need. Im kind of between a rock and a hard spot right now Ive been looking at moving for years to a medical state. I was dating a girl for 2 years and things fell through so now I have the opportunity to finally make the move ive been planning on making for some time now. Alittle about me, im a very kind, gentle person who just loves all people in general. I love and enjoy live music such as widespread panic, umphreys mcgee, furthur, String Cheese Incident, Lotus, STS9 ect. If anyone could help point me in the right direction I would very much appreciate it. Looking forward to meeting up with like minded individuals who are on the same page.

Love and Light

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