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We Have Arrived. At Last, Someplace To Report Success.

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Anyone who has a case of successful treatment of cancer using cannabis or any other alternative medicine, please help move our system forward by compiling all the relevant data (path, radiology, treatment hx) and submit a case report to the National Cancer Institute's Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine here: http://www.cancer.go...case_intro.html .

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Try to submit detailed reports with clear images they can use. You should have a ruler next to your skin sample for size reference. Of course you should use before and after photos, but try to insert a daily newspaper to catch the date change - it could improve your credibility. follow the rules for submitting -


"There are four NCI Best Case Series Program criteria for optimal cases:

  • Definitive Diagnosis of Cancer
    There must be a documented cancer diagnosis through a tissue biopsy or fine needle aspiration, or in the case of some leukemias and a few other cancer types, appropriate blood testing.
  • Documentation of Disease Response
    There must be documented disease to follow radiographically, or through other validated indicators of tumor response (e.g. M protein level in patients with multiple myeloma) during treatment with the alternative therapy. Measurement of the tumor(s) before treatment and during or after treatment is required.
  • Absence of Confounders
    The patient should not have received concurrent treatments with known therapeutic potential (e.g. chemotherapy or radiation therapy). There should be sufficient time between the end of any conventional anticancer therapy and the beginning of an alternative therapy to minimize the probability that a response was due to the conventional therapy.
  • Documented Treatment History
    There must be documentation that the patient received the conventional and alternative therapies described, dates of interventions, and responses of the tumor to all interventions received by a patient during the period in question.






Before you get started, please call OCCAM and speak with one of the staff of the Case Review and Intramural Science Program.

Completing a Best Case Series Submission Takes Four Steps:

  • Submission of Required Documentation
    A 1-2 page overview of a patient's history is the initial document forwarded to OCCAM to determine if the case would be appropriate for inclusion in a case series submission. If review of this document suggests that the case would be appropriate for further review, you will be asked to submit copies of relevant documents (e.g. physician notes and operative, pathology, and radiology reports). This involves obtaining the patient's written permission to access his/her medical records, requesting the medical records from the treating institution(s), and briefly summarizing the important details.
  • Submission of Pathology and Radiology Materials
    The paper documentation submitted in Step 1 will be reviewed by the staff of the Case Review and Intramural Science Program. When a case is determined to be appropriate for further review (see list of criteria), you will be asked to obtain and submit the relevant radiology films and pathology slides. A National Institutes of Health (NIH) pathologist and radiologist will review these materials.
  • Review and Recommendation of Next Step(s)
    Once all the records and materials have been reviewed, the findings are summarized. If a case is found to be incomplete or otherwise unsatisfactory, you will be informed and given the reason. The remaining cases will serve as the basis for a recommendation of the most appropriate next step which will be presented to the OCCAM Director.
  • Final Decision
    With this information and advice, the Director of OCCAM determines if NCI-initiated research is warranted or if further review or consultation is necessary. Once the final decision has been made, OCCAM's Director works with the other relevant NCI staff to implement the planned next step.

Potential next steps for complete case submissions include:

  • NCI-initiated follow-up research
  • Sharing of well-documented best cases with interested members of the scientific community in order to stimulate research





PB - do you have a contact there yet?

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you should ask them if they have any reports from marijuana users. or if those are acceptable.


i'm guessing they are ignoring these...


searching around for the 'nci best case' gives some interesting results


e.g. treating cancer with large-dose intravenous vitamin c therapy:



It appears, nonetheless, that a cure occurred in connection with intravenous vitamin C infusions.


another non-toxic cancer cure? more studies are requested.


Of note, only a minority of cancer patients reported by Cameron and colleagues responded to intravenous and oral vitamin C therapy,
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Two skin cancer spots side by side.


Side by side. Left side (where he is pointing at) had cannabis extract applied for 8 weeks. The right spot was untreated. Both looked the same to begin with.


Glad its working. Next time you should take a picture before treating too.

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