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Scent Of Strain Vs Taste When Smoking

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Hello all,


My patient was complaining the other day that the MMJ I grew for him didn't taste the way it smelled once he smoked it. Now, I am still fairly new to this and I was unsure whether or not I am doing something wrong during the cultivation process. He said it still helped his pain symptoms, so I am not THAT worried :) All feedback is appreciated. Thanks.



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I'm not a long time user, and the effect of a strain is far more important to me than taste, but I've only had one strain that comes anywhere near tasting the same way it smelled. If some strains tasted the way they smelled, I would never use them. I don't much like the taste of hay. I don't see much correlation, so I don't think, based on what your patient said, that you are necessarily doing anything wrong. Maybe a long time toker would say different.

If your patient is getting pain relief, I wouldn't take complaints like this too seriously. Now, you could be messing up the taste by not flushing properly before harvesting, or by spraying something on the buds. But if you're doing that stuff properly, then either he's misinformed or he's a whiner, in my humble opinion.

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I believe there are foods that smell one way and taste another way. I don't know how this can be true, but I have tasted things that did not taste how they smelled. Some things taste better to me than they smell, and some not as good as they smell. I remember when I was a kid we would use a certain kind of bait to do catch and release for large, strong carp along the Ohio River and this carp bait smelled like some kind of bubblegum candy, but it did not taste like it! Ha Ha (Yes, I licked it a bit just to see, hey, I was probably 5 years old, Ha Ha) Just an individual human being's opinion. Good luck with your patient. May his suffering be eased with your help.


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your patient needs education, sit down with them and smoke with them - go over the basics about indicas, hybrids, sativas, its effects, taste, and smell.

Marijuana does not taste as it smells - with rare exceptions - C99+grapefruit - does smell and taste like grapefruit. But Blueberry - can smell like berries, but smoke taste like - marijuana smoke.


Take the time to build the relationship - it is about education at this point.

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