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Seeking Patients In S.e. Mi


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I have been producing for over a year now for myself (multiple back and neck surgeries/implants). Looking for patient(s) in S.E. MI interested in a range of quality products with an emphasis on affordability/sustainability. I have a wide variety of skill-sets and can provide organicaly grown plants in an array of deliverable methods:


Butter/Oil - an extraction ready for cooking. Edibles: cookies, pastries, breads, pasta's. Imagination's the limiter.

Tinctures - An alcohol extraction. Drinkable/sublingual.

Honey Oil - A heavy-hitting extraction. Smokeable.

Rick Simpson Hemp Oil - One of the healthiest methods. Ingested orally/topically/smokeable. Gaining popularity and exposure for it's high concentration of flavenoids/cannabinoids, RSHO is successfully treating multiple cancer types (lung, breast, prostate, glioma, thyroid, leukemia, lymphoma, basil cell carcinoma, melanoma, etc), Rhuemetoid Arthritis, and a slew of other quality-of-life-challenging conditions.


My garden is grown with a great deal of love and care. I am looking for patients with a need for these compassionately made products and will tailor future grows to meet personal needs/desires.


Thank you for your time.


Please leave a Private Msg if interested.

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