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A Few Updates And Events-


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The Ann Arbor Guild held a fundraiser for Representative Jeff Irwin last week and raised in the neighborhood of 10k- it was a great effort and accomplishment for Mark Passerini and company.


The North East Compassion Club held a medical marijuana and election year discussion in Oscoda at local business Third Coast Customs, an auto service and body shop.


The meeting started with Bethany Astrom, the club leader offering her own testimonial, and introducing others to give patient testimonials.


Ben Horner discussed economic development and the combined political efforts needed to protect and sustain the opportunities that the Act has provided us. Ben attended with his kids, and his oldest took the mic to remind everyone that "kids care about this too."


Ken Beyer from Michigan Testing Authority focused on non-psycho active, and non smoke methods of cannabis treatments. He talked about the topicals and, low THC applications, but focused on raw juicing, in a fun presentation.


Brad Forrester discussed the issues with prohibitive local ordinances, and what citizens can do if their local government is disregarding the Act and the recent COA and SC rulings. It was mentioned that Brad was the primary organizer of the Labor Day Bridge Walk-many in attendance participated this year, most vowed to be there next year.


Rick Thompson continued the discussion by pointing out how medical marijuana is mainstream, and was really encouraging to the people there. Many attended in fear, and several knew of others who did not show up out of fear. None the less, the count was 75 people, which is a good meeting of this kind, anywhere.


Candidate for Iosco Co. Prosecutor Nichol Palumbo attended and addressed the crowd, many from Iosco Co., and let them know that she has an open mind and will have an open dialogue about these issues if elected. My personal opinion is that she gained some insight into the issues and some seeds were sewn. I think that similar to what we have seen with Jane Boudreau and Rep Callton and others, Nichol Palumbo will evolve in her views on medical marijuana. Her current views are not bad to start with.


Rep Callton also attended and let Nichol and others know that he has openly embraced the medical marijuana issue, has raised money from the mmj community and will likely win big in November. He said that at 64% support of voters and having won in all 83 counties, it is "a political winner." Rep Callton then pledged to help out Palumbo's campaign with money raised for his PAC. Rep Callton has already done this for other local candidates including Jeff Fick, running for Sherrif in Lapeer Co. He has also made progress with his PAC in the legislature as well.


Attorney Tom Lavigne wrapped it up by emphasizing the the importance of the rulings in King and Ter Beek. He added in some historical reference and included Industrial Hemp as an issue to be addressed. The people were very excited to have a knowledgeable attorney there, and asked questions and surrounded him during the time set aside for networking.


Rep Callton has a fundraiser coming up at Michigan Alternative Medicine in Detroit on September 29. MOCC will have their annual Harvesfest the same night, and Steve Greene and the Radio Weed Show will be at Cedar Pointe during the day on the 29th, as well.


Oct 1, Jane Boudreau will be having a fundraiser in Commerce Twp.


I believe these events are on Rick's 420 calendar, too.


If anyone is in need of more details or has questions or concerns, contact me, and I'll provide whatever else I can.


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