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It Looks Like

Fat Freddy

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Well I like the way we are moving now. It looks like we are moving ahead which is sooo awesome.

I thank each of you for finding the strength to overcome the obstacles to form a constructive and helpful site.

With all of this new found purpose I have a renewed hope that we will win in the end.


When others said this site would never change I remained hopeful.

Thanks for proving them wrong.


My deepest Respect


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We all have to remember that this fight is a process, and it is slow and steady to the win.


The forum tries to get all the members on the same page, so we can pass the message to the public.


I too believe we have come a long way since 2009, like someone said - "Before 2009, did we imagine that we could possess 12 plants and 2.5 ounces of medicinal marijuana."

We should be greatful for the gains we have made, and we should stay hopeful for the future.


the message - "patient's rights to choose an organic medicine", a "CG's right to medical marijuana healthcare jobs"


If the public keeps saying that they are confused by legalization efforts and the medical use - you need to set them straight. This is about patient's right to a natural medicine that is working for them. Why would patients take on the added expense and society pressure - because the medicine works! So let's help fight for patient rights, organic lifestyle.

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