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Top Quality Organic Meds Available To Three Patients - Won't Last

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I got my feet wet in Humboldt County back in the nineties. More than just learning about the practically religious nature of soil science that is practiced there, I took to heart how much better more beautiful a bud could be when one added attention to detail and lots of time. Trust me - my meds show it.


I am a Michigan native that is back to stay and providing some very kind relief to my patients. Currently, I have three slots available but they are bound not to last long.


I use almost exclusively actively aerated compost teas with heavy reliance on guanos. Utilizing a stricly organic process, I induce some vibrant and tasty plants that have yet to fail to please. I do not ask, in donations, but a small amount more than one might find at a farmer's market and most patients find me very flexible.


You'll get better meds than are available at a vast majority of dispensaries. Please consider this when you find that I am not offering free ounces so that I can then bank on another market. I would rather stay out of that legal grey area and, as such, as a patient, you would be afforded the safety that comes with knowing that as far as law enforcement is concerned, I am not big game. I grow only as much as I have to to provide for my patients and it is like the small classroom philosophy - I pay more attention to each child and it shows.


I am open to negotiating strains though make no promises in that area. Here is what is currently coming up:


Pineapple Express

Super Sour OG

Cinderella 99

Mountain Girl (Afghan Widow x Deadhead OG)


I make some fairly potent white chocolates and the bubble hash is always raved about. Just sayin'...


I am in the Flint area but am accustomed to some time on the road to meet patients' needs. Happy to travel to Brighton, Imlay City, Birch Run, Grand Blanc, Almont, etc. As well, I have some photos I can send of my buds upon request, most of which are too large to be hosted here.

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