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Gladwin County Need Attorney Chgd Mfg/del Hcv Patient With High Viral Load And Degenerative Disc

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I need an attorney in the Mid Michigan area. I am disabled with a very high viral load of HCV(over 20 million six months ago)-treatment did not work. Also degenerative disc and spinal disease with MRI on CD available for anyone I choose to show.

I am a solitary sole...no real friends, no boyfriends due to my disease. I am on ssdi. I have bottles of prescription drugs that are all full...I have to keep getting new scripts just to stay legal but there is proof I am not in a drug dealing ring or I would not have all these pills...anyway...

I had outdoor plants, The cops climbed fences and took them saying I had more than I remember. Not a lot of plants-really a couple outdoors dying or dead...but I don't know how many...

They pulled my outdoor plants told me I could have my indoor plants but came back later when I was not home and pulled all those too. I have lived in fear for months waiting for them to come get me.It took 3 months when I called a sheriff out to help me with a dangerous situation I have going on with a drunk neighbor and timber larceny, he arrested me...I have never had a search warrant or my rights read. I need a good lawyer. I need to keep using. I am out on bail, my state appt is terrible...really truly...I am dying and do not want to be teathered to the probation system in these years as my health fails...I am doing no dealing, I am not a threat to anyone, except the cop who drew blood on my arm when he pushed me into a wall...I need an attorney in Mid Michigan right away....

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No posts before now so this is the shittie slam-hits-the-fan goto board!


Glad to see you here and best of luck, sounds all wrong you are right u need atty.



And there IS a singles lounge here; much neglected but present and there is absolutely no, there is no excuse to make for your being alone----if you use it you will find a compatible mmmp soul. But many are you like u, hiding until crunched

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I'm so sorry for your troubles Loraine6204 it's just not fair. This law is supposed to protect us yet we continue to be feasted upon by leo.


A section 8 defense doesn't require the locked enclosure so one would think that you will be OK in the end.


Have you tried using the cannabis extract (Rick Simpson Oil)?


Good luck.

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