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Cannabis Cancer Project Ripped Off Last Night

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The Cannabis Cancer Project Just got ripped of its Fall Harvest last night and now we are at loss as to how were going to provide for the cancer patients that were assisting this winter.




I hope these rippers feel really good about themselves for taking medicine away from a cancer patient.



At least three very sick cancer patients were going to receive their RSO from this grow.


It is very difficult to come up with enough bud for these patients.


If you can pitch in, please let us know.





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That is so sad to hear PB. May this somehow be turned into a blessing in the long run for all parties, even the rippers! I mean, they need to change the path they are on, and maybe something that is ocurring here will trigger that change. And maybe folks that have overages might donate to your patirnts oil? Oh, but that would make you a criminal? Let's pray that things will work out for you and the patients, PB, and the rippers as well. (After they have lerned what they need to learn and pay their restitution in full).

The world can be a good place or a bad place, depending on the people you associate with, and how everything and everyone interacts together. May it all work together somehow, PB!


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Rippers - return what you have taken, you should be ashamed.


PB, I know how this must be killing you inside, I hope that it never happens again. Did you call the police? I hope that you had security camera's and you can id them from the video.


I was ripped as well, but I know who my rippers were. CMET. Nobody for me to call! hahahaha :bong7bp:

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This is Johns facebook page:




I'm donating topical oil to John to help recover. Persons in the Saginaw area and/or north can purchase oil from John as long as you are a patient.


John will keep the proceeds to help offset his loss. All of the proceeds.


That just helps a little. Others that wish to help can contact John.

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