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    • By thejeneral
      I am a compassionate, helpful and knowledgeable caregiver,  who was a patient first. I grow outdoor, organically, using biodynamic and living soil practices. This ensures a healthier and more medicinal end product. I use appropriate, long term storage solutions due to the annual nature of growing outdoors. I have experience with chronic illness and pain related issues.  Currently have 8 available strains. Planning 10 varieties for next season. Serving Gratiot and surrounding counties.
    • By Bellaheals
      Help with the muscle spasms..has anyone.found a strain to do.more harm? Also have bad arthritis and need best anti inflammatory delivery
    • By CrystalZ2014
      Do you have severe and chronic pain of Arthritis or Scoliosis?  I do. I have both.. This is a very serious and debilitating conditions, after 2 car accidents and 7 years into the conditions, I am too weak for surgery, and not only that the pain pills are not really much help. I am learning to deal with my conditions as best as possible, being new to MMMA is Enlightening ..  and a bit scary, because you don't know your way around just yet.. and also, worrisome that you many not find that one special caregiver that has the best possible stand for pain relief and of course that wouldn't charge you an arm and a leg or even a leg for that matter..  Can anyone relate??  or have any helpful solutions????
    • By bax

    • By CloverCreep
      I was reading an article recently about a cannabis pill being developed for concussions but I can't seem to find any information on it now. It makes sense to me because of the tendency for marijuana to reduce inflammation but I was just curious if anyone else had heard of this? It seems like it would be great for the NFL but I'm not sure if its actual cannabis extract in pill form or a synthesized marijuana (I don't trust any synthetic marijuana). 

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