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Dna Lemon Skunk


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anyone had any experience with DNA seeds lemon skunk>? i recieved 2 freebie feminized seeds from Herbies. They turned out fantastic! 2 different phenos Type 1 being nice golf ball shaped nugs, great lemon pure citrus smell.Type 2 was a bit taller and not as much lemon smell but more of a sweet lemon smell but had some foxtailing. 9 outa 10 for flavor and smell. 10 outa 10 bag apeal. :bong7bp: :bong7bp:


DNA Lemon Skunk

DNA Lemon SKunk

DNA Lemon Skunk 2

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Ya ive heard great things about Attitude too.they have some great freebies if you check their site and order early in the month when the promotion starts.I plan on ordering through them soon.Ive gone through Ontario Seed Bank recently and got the GH bubba, bluberry and GH great white shark and got good results on the BK and BB but the GWS was trash. Dude told me it was dj shorts blueberry but none came in the original package.all in all had good experience with OSB seeds got to me within 30 days depite being shipped during the canadian postal strike, so i imagine it would be even faster next time.poof poof

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good distinction, sounds like may be two diff BB cuts from same co.

The GC is ok, none of the three have seen 12/12.. kinda took the summer off.  considering pollinating GC with a special cheese male I have.. to restore vigor and preserve in seed form..  / jazzed to try this blueberry, slow vegger nice n healthy. / the only way Ed Rosenthal sb was manageable this long in veg was to keep er root bnd.. / gettin cool here..  alls well.</p>

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