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Hydroton Is No Longer Making Hec Pellets!


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I have recently been to several hydro stores lately trying to buy Hydroton clay pellets. Apoparntley they are no longer making them. I have always favored this medium (Hardened Expanded Clay), and loved the smooth round shape of this brand. A round pellet will no cur or rip your roots. I was sad to hear this news.




The closest product I could find was Hydrocorn. It seems to be a bit better though. While the pebbles do not have a perfectly spherical shape they are not too sharp. The irregular shape gives them a greater surface area to hold oxygen with as well.




So far my girls are liking the change. I would strongly recommend this product for those that need to make the change.

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I have bought Hydroton through Amazon and E-bay just in the last week. Are you sure that they have quit making it. If so I had better stock up while its still available.


Yep, that is what I hear from 3 different Hydro-Stores, though I never really believe anything I hear there.


Seems to be all over message boards and hydro-store web sites as well.



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