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More Landmark Stuff Coming Out Of My Case

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In the Debate last night, Mitt Romney may of cut his Political throat on that point.


He made the clear statement, in No uncertain terms, should the Government be involved in the Dr/Pt Relationship. I HIGHLY (Punn intended) doubt this will include cannabis, medical or otherwise somehow. I would be more inclined to see Obama do something of the sort if re elected, but even that i doubt nearly as much as Romneys statement.



If you understand Romney Speak, you heard the phrase he said in is had just after making that comment, "so long as I and my new AG Bill Schuette think its medicine.


Stand Strong Larry. Your fight is our fight!

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That be me in this case . Could be YOU NEXT



Are you engaged in the "pre-trial" presentation? Is thjs where the judge determines if your case should be dismissed if you meet the requirements? Isn't it true that if you don't convince the judge then your case moves on to a jury trial where you are then guaranteed the use of the medical defense at trial according to the Supreme Court?

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Okay here we go.

1) Trial courts are known to allow video testimony of witnesses.

For the court to deny this is a denial of due process of law.

2) What would the doctor say without violating the doctor patient relationship?

Not to mention the law that says that medical records are private under federal law.

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