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Michigan X-Ray Intern Robbed Of X-Ray Internship For Mediical Marijuana!

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My name is Hoodrab. I am a young man from Flint MI around the age of an enlightened mid 20's. I have 2 baby girls who are 2 and 1 and I recently attended a community college to attain my X-ray liscence. I attended for the better part of 3 years when in the last year I was instructed by the college to serve a clinical internship 2 hours west of flint due to limited space........


First thing That is important is that before I began my schooling I informed the administration of the college that I was a mm patient. My director told me to resume being a student and I did just this. Unfortunately my director retired in the middle of my clinical internship and I was hung out to dry. My father was in the hospital during this time for heart surgery and my wife and I also were having problems getting along as well. To make matters worse while I was in clinical I attended a Bone Thugs and Harmony Concert where I was arrested for an owi.


Now I know I was wrong for driving drunk. I have paid my fines, I have taken court ordered classes, and now all because of this incident I have been instructed to take an evaluation for substance abuse. All at once I have lost my career, student loans payments are here, forced from college, and made into a criminal. It is a belief of mine that someone out there can help, but I am beginning to have my doubts. even more so I am against something that I feel innocent for. Probation is causing me to break federal law by having my card. Someone throw a prayer up for someone who just wants to help others with his occupation and life. I know I am being made into something I'm not. Guilty of .............. idk zachalick@yahoo.com

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I try to get people to see where problems lie, it is not in a substance.


" To make matters worse while I was in clinical I attended a Bone Thugs and Harmony Concert where I was arrested for an owi."


To explain to those who do not have medical background - you were taking 'clinicals' at a hospital or medical facility, this is a critical time for evaluation of the student by the instructors. By getting a OWI, that can get the student in trouble as far as being graded on character. I assume your behavior, the OWI is why you were dismissed from the X-ray program.


Now, people here can try to help you make it through probation. And life will continue, you will find other schools and other career paths.

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Every one that gets a drunk driving has to do a drug screen it may not have anything to do with why you were arrested but your not the only one this has happened to, Ive had drunk drivings and had to do urine screen while on probation, I dont see the point, I can see maybe the pbt every morn, but not a urine screen when ever they want, what does mm have to do with drinking and driving? nothing, but still they will prob make the whole thing about you being a pt! Lifes a complain than you either marry one or die!


Best of luck to you, ive seen this happen to...to many people!






(p.s to many people going under ground, to many people sleeping late!)

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Every one that gets a drunk driving has to do a drug screen


not always true, probation is sometimes the order by the judge, expecially if you did not do your substance abuse or drinking problem assesment prior to the judges order.

second is if you scored well on the test usually your lawyer can ask for the probation to be waived.

third from now on never inform anybody about being on mm or having a card it will come back to haunt you.

fourth never inform the cops about a card and never ever confess to using mm.

fifth have your attorney ask the judge to allow you to posses mm in your system while on probation

sixth i would ask my attorney to write a letter to the Dean asking for your internship back as you hopefully are a leader in your feild.


Thats why i always say MUMS THE WORD ,


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