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These Police Mistake Dasies For Marijuana Plants. Hold Press Conference.

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Catnip buds do kinda like cannabis buds when they're dry. Not exactly, but kinda. Still, you'd think all cops would at least have a rudimentary knowledge of what illegal plants look like. Yes, I called cannabis an illegal plant because it used to be when these people were still cops and it still is to many people. You'd think they'd know what psilocybin and peyote look like too. Shouldn't that be basic training? Maybe it is basic training and the cops from the story above just flunked that part of the training. D students still pass.

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well my old man being a retired cop cant even smell it let alone no what it looks like, well he knows now because ive showed him lol!


I was burning a cig with mm in it, helping him take his boat out for the season, he said man there must be a skunk around here, lmao, i was in the middle of a puff when he said it, I started to laugh my arse off and cough, he says what are you laughing at? I said the skunk smell, he said what is so funny about that, it stinks, I said yea but it taistes so good bawahahahahaha, i think he has a clue what it smells like now!




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