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Caregiver Compensation - "what's Fair?"


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Redirect me if this thread already exists, but what is "fair" compensation for being a caregiver?




A caregiver is staging 12 plants in a perpetual cycle for their patient, and lets say they are counting the clones in the cloner in that plant count.


Each stage consists of "2" plants on a "3 Week" rotation. There are "6" Stages.


Stage A = Cloner

Stage B = Early Veg

Stage C = Late Veg

Stage D = Early Bloom

Stage E = Mid Bloom

Stage F = Fininshing


So that's 18 weeks of resources to produce 2 plants that were vegged for 6 weeks straight out of the cloner.


And you only harvest those two plants every 3 weeks.


Considering electricity for lights/fans/pumps ect, nutrients and soil, not to mention space and labor, what are caregivers charging their patients per oz?


I've heard wild stories about people saying you sign over a caregiver and get a free oz of meds each month just for the designation. I just don't see how that works out considering the expenses and time to produce the meds, even if they are just using the patient as a cover to overcrop, there really isn't any cover considering those 2 plants vegged for 6 weeks aren't going to provide enough to give out free oz and pay all those bills. Going over count is going over count regardless of how many patients you have. If you're signing up patients to try and shield your warehouse op I just don't see that being anything more then extra chores to deliver a couple ounces a month for free. So I don't see how that's even logical either. Nothing is free.

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I agree with you. The subject has been a contentious one here. I believe that there are some really dumb people here (and some smart and great people too!) and I also believe that there are some people here who think that the world orbits their posterior. These people sometimes make the place less than desirable. The dumb people believe that the plants are theirs. When it is an issue of a service arrangement Ownership deals with creating a structure that allows a cg to have plants grown away from the patient. They ignore the worth of the cg's expenses and time. They think that giving a cg the right to grow plants is worth free mmj. They think that there are giant overages that are then going to be sold on the black market. If you want to stay legal neither happens. I think some of those people are on some sort of dole and Expect all their medical issues will be treated without charge. As long as they get theirs they are oblivious to the real costs to the taxpayer or cg. I am not saying that some should not receive it, I am talking about their perception of how things work in the world. Of course their are plenty of patients who act decently and they should be lauded.


This business causes rancor here and I would honestly suggest that the discussion be locked or at least sent to conspiracy theorys. Or linked to prior discussions where all this crap has been hashed over in the past.

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