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Presidential Candidate 2012 Roundtable Discussion-Wed. Oct 10

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On Wednesday October 10,2012 there will be a Presidential Candidate 2012 Roundtable discussion and NORML National Convention Review.


This event will be at Woodward Health Solutions located at 17436 Woodward Avenue in Detroit Michigan 48203 from 8pm to 10pm.


Currently panelists include:

Matt Abel,Charmie Gholson,Jamie Lowell,RIck Thompson,Michael Komorn,Dr. Michael Whitty emceed by Greg Pawlowski.


Panelists will answer questions regarding their thoughts on this years election, what it means to our community in Michigan, whom we should support or possibly endorse for President or.... should we. As well, we will hear a review of this weekends NORML National meeting in Los Angeles from attendees Dr. Michael Whitty and Matt Abel.


FOR those in the community whom can not attend the event but would like to participate in asking questions and watching the event broadcasted LIVE may do so on PartieTV.com at this site:





Watch from this site, participate in the event by asking a question which Greg Pawlowski will be viewing and ask the panelists your question. This is the communities first opportunity to view one of our community events LIVE and actively participate by asking the questions.

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