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Hydro Flush


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I am getting ready to harvest my first crop of hydro. I have roughly about a week before I start to chop them down. I was looking for some advice as to how I should flush the plants. normally with my soil plants I flush the hell out of them with fresh clean water and lots of it. should I just fill my reservoir with fresh clean water and let the plant live in that. would that be enough to flush or is there something else I should do/use. any help would be great I have some good beginners luck with the hydro first time around and I don't want to screw it up by improperly flushing the plants



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There is no reason to flush with a proper nutrient regiment. Flushing is an over hyped myth for the most part...


That is what ive heard, but it is easy enough to flush dwc for the last week, Id only change the water like 2 times maybe at the end, its the curing that makes the big diff in taiste and such!




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Then why do you flush?


There are are only two reasons...


First reason, (the only real reason) is because you over fed you plant(s) to the point it has become toxic for the plant's health.


Second reason, (the reason most people flush) because you read somewhere (here/internet most likely) or someone told you that you have to flush in order to get smooth good tasting bud.


Its total bullshxt, flushing/starving a completely healthy and properly fed/maintained plant the last couple weeks it matures is going to accomplish nothing but hurt your yield. Flushing is another one of those myths that people swear by because they have always done it and think the weed they grow is the greatest stuff ever. It doesn't matter if you're growing in soil or hydro, with organic nutes or inorganic (AKA chemicals as the organic growers refer to them) your plants can't tell the difference, trust me. If you don't believe me i suggest you test it out for yourself, side by side comparisons.


Most people think you can feed a plant as heavy in weeks 8-9 before harvest as they did in weeks 4-5 during peak flower production as long as they flush, they're wrong. The last couple weeks of the plants life (especially the last week) it needs very little nutrients compared to what it needed during peak flower production but it does in fact need nutrients. In order to achieve maximum yield, potency and quality you must maintain proper nutrition for the duration of the plant's life, period.

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