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I Just Picked Up A Copy Of October Mmm Report Magazine

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Went to a hydro shop yesterday for a hood fo4r a light and happened to pickup a copy of MMM Report.

Due to my hectic pace I was not able to review it until just now. As I browsed the advertisements and scanned the articles I cam across this:

http://www.mmmrmag.c...ctober_2012.pdf Page 18.

Thank you Ted Heitor for such a well written article.


My friends this is what I have been advocating all along " Unity! " My hope is that if another rally becomes necessary everyone that can be there.

It will be our collective voices that will be heard.

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Article was about the Lansing Rally, it was well written.


This was my point in an earlier post, we have the power to counter the blatant propaganda issued in the mainstream press.

People like Ted are rare in todays news media, Most writers and news media outlets are often guided by fear for their jobs or businesses.

So those of you that have the gift to write please do so, in this war we need all things to come to bear.

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