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Ap Impact: Cartels Flood Us With Cheap Meth

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In the news this evening we find this article: http://news.yahoo.com/ap-impact-cartels-flood-us-cheap-meth-070746518.html


As the feds waste resources on busting California and Colorado medical marijuana patients the cartels make hey while the sunshines.

Superman where are you now? Dang I forgot they shoot back.

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haven't you heard? EVERYBODY LOVES METH, they just don't know it yet. it truly is the worlds most dangerous drug. My grandmother, and probably yours, was a meth addict. beginning in the 50's, Desoyxn (Methamphetamine Hydrochloride) was prescribed to housewife's everywhere as pep pills, and later as a diet aide. legally it can still prescribed today, but only extreme in cases of narcolepsy.


when the Dr. tried to ween her off of her "little yellow helper" grandma began Dr. shopping across 3 states, this is the late 60's-early 70's.... before there was even a term for it.


when really desperate, she'd drive to a small town in another state and convince the local pharmacist that she was on vacation and forgot her perscriptions....can you imagine talking a pharmacist out of schedule 2 without even a piece of paper?? but meth feels good. your brain and body WANT more to continue to feel good. but, just like with all "hard" drugs. The higher the high, the lower the low...... that's what makes them all garbage.


meth will invade every town in America if a larger supply arrives here. it was everywhere down south in the 80's, from what I hear, still is. the "behind the counter" laws regarding pseudoephedrine have led to this. with no more "mom and pop" clandestine labs to pump this poision, the cartel have taken it to the next level. increasing purity in to the 90%+ range. what is refered to as "glass". and creating it in "super labs" where kilos, instead of only grams like a home lab, are created in every batch.


couple that with a newer method to create a rough single batch of meth with cold pills called "shake and bake", addicts can make a single doses of meth using a 1 liter pop bottle as a reaction vessel and lithium batteries as a catalyst. there is going to be a larger and larger supply flooding our country.


Sure, it's bad now, but just wait. METH IS COMING to every nook and cranny of this country. the demand can only increase. like I said before, everybody loves it, they just don't know it till they try it.


if there were just some effort to stop the supply, maybe throw a bunch of money at it, or go so far as to declare a war against it, we could all be saved!!


truly, we are screwed. education is the only way I see to lower it's impact. if you never try it, you still won't know you like it......

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Is Mexican meth really a problem in the US? I mean how much can possibly be imported for sale when there are so many trailer park and garage meth labs. Don't we pretty much supply all the meth in this country ourselves? Seriously, I don't know the answer, but it seems to me that there can't be that big of a market here. At least not worth the risk of crossing the border with it.

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Honestly, I didn't know. I was just in the middle of another project. I'm on the planning committee for a local festival that my town has every year and the festival is tomorrow so I was kind of busy with that. I am definitely going to look into this when I have some time and get some facts on the subject.

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I think it is the opposite: our clampdown on domestic production by way of restricting the retail supply of precursor materials has forced production out of the country, and the new scale of production has made it profitable to get it over the border.


Sometimes the cure is worse than the ailment. And so goes this so called war on drugs. While our government focuses on the sick and dying the cartels ramp up to take advantage of the situation. It is difficult to understand why our government continues to create opportunities for cartels while subjecting it's own people to harsh penalties for the use of substances. Taking a long look at the state of affairs in the financial markets and the lack of good paying jobs, is it any wonder that people are seeking a means of escape?

This election results will show how much faith the people have in our government. Will the poles show an increase in numbers or the continuation of low voter turnout?

An increase of voter turnout will show that people are tired of politics as usual, a low turnout will clearly show the loss of confidence of the people in those that are seeking office. Washington, wake up. it is time we got this country back on it's feet and show the world that we can still produce products that are world class.

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