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Hermaphrodite Damage Control

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Hello all!


So I have a problem. My last (and second ever) grow was 2 x Greenhouse seeds Big Bang (avoid at all cost), and 2 x Greenhouse seeds Lemon Skunk. Thing were going reasonably well until the plants reached puberty - I found some male parts on a Big Bang. I pinched them off, hoping I caught them all. Not even close. When I noticed that I had seeds growing on all 4 plants, I harvested and hung the plants to dry. I got a lot of seeds - from both types of plants, but I assume the bud is pretty weak potency wise...


The Big Bang had male parts growing all over the place. It had buds that were half-male and half-female. Male part growing hidden under buds. It was a freaking gender-bender-freak-fest. (On a side note: this happened to my first batch of Big Bang, but I blamed it on stress. This time I had some comparison - the Lemon Skunk didn't herm at all just got ruined by the bang)


So, here is where I stand:

1. All 4 plants were quite pollenated and produced seeds

2. I separated all the branches and hung them to dry. I trimmed the leaves from maybe half the crop.

3. The crop, still on the branches, are still hanging in my darkened grow room. They have been there for months.

4. Both varieties have proven ineffective for my wife's conditions.


In essence there are two separate issues I'l like to "make the best of":


#1: The plants were pollenated and likely weak. What can I do with them? Are the seeds worth anything?

The medicine is weak due to pollenation, although I don't know how weak. What can I do with it to make most efficient use of what is there?


#2: I was unable to harvest them properly and they have been hanging to dry on branches for months, largely ungroomed. What should I do now?

How do I salvage this disaster?


Thanks so much!

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Dont delay further...Trim and smoke. Potency might be fine, as well as flavor and effect.

I'd spent my time to run genetics with known outcomes ahead of (wasting?) time on an unknown and untested cross. Toss the accidental seeds.

What genetics, strain characteristics help your wife? Chase (find) those....

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