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Limon Out Of Ohio: Big Lemon Citus Flavor And Big Bud

pic book

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Was new to me this morning to smoke this strain (Limon) that came to me via a new buddy's grow. He got it via clones from the Ohio breeder. Pics of the plants showed few buds but big, 6 to 8 inches on each of 4 stems under 1000 HPSs, soil. Cross is Early Girl x Lemon OG x G13. Greater lemon heads candy flaavor especially on exhale, than Lemon Cake. Don't know about aroma (hard to tell in a blunt). high is 8 of 10 for about 90 minutes. Def has at least 1/2% of CBD as calmed my shoulder real well...Pics of breeder's own grow SOG (single cola) show 18 inch buds and claim 1 gram per sq. ft. at height of 4 foot. A gourmet flavor and (if the claim can be verified) a yielder on a par with some other crosses of G13 (northern lights and chemdawg #4, especially).


Anybody else aware of Limon, or know it by another name?

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