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Grape God Grow Journal


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This will be my journal start to finish for the Grape God. Plants from Clone to now is about 3 weeks old. Medium used is 25% perlite 75% CoCo. Nutrient Sensi Grow A&B and cal-mag in veg. This will get put in as soon as i harvest the Midnight Kush and yes i do Veg under HPS.





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Faygo.. what kind of trimming do you do in veg? and in flower? It looks like you are taking out quite a bit of the under growth, almost lollipopping, do you do this at specific times? In the first pic, your plants in veg look like little bundles just ready to explode... Have they been topped? Do you use big cuts for your clones? And are these first generation clones, as in their mother plant was from seed?

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