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A Book By A 85-Year Old Woman

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Here's a preview of the book, just enough pages to make you want to go out and buy it. http://www.scribd.co...-with-My-Family


You're right. From reading the preview, I had to find out want happened next. I have a ebook copy. The book can also be found at http://www.amazon.com/Smoke-Pot-My-Family-Speaking/dp/0595345395


An anti-drug woman starts smoking pot around the age of 50. She was 85 in 2005, when the book was released. I'm early in the book, but I know why & how she started; how her sex life improved; her thoughts becames more open & free.


The chapters are short and the writing is "tight", giving the story an easy flow. '


I like this statement: "When used intelligently and responsibly, marijuana can promote comfortable intimacy, improve family relationships, dissipate anger and judgment, temporarily erase sexual hang-ups, make us less defensive, and give us a fresh perspective on life."

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