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One day a couple of friends were walking through their realm and conversing about friendly type things. These were 2 middle-earth type creatures, mind you, and lets just call them Squedge and Wisharoo.

Wisharoo was a free-spirit that liked to do things his own way, even if it meant upsetting their wonderfully and marvelously organized world by insisting on putting things where they don't quite belong.

One day, as he was engaged in this disruptive activity, his good friend Squedge decided that, well, since he (Squedge) was the leader of that area's organizational and neatness activities, that he was compelled to say to his good friend Whisharoo, something like, "hey friend, lets put those things where they go, OK?"

Well, this did not sit well with Wisharoo. His pride and ego injured, he decides to take some of the things (nice things but just in the wrong place, where no one might be able to find them again later) and just go away. "Please don't go" says Squedge, but Wisharoo is in no mood to listen. After all, he was already having a bad day with some other major areas of his middle-earth type life, and he just was not acting like he should to his friend, who was really just trying to be helpful.

Squedge was so saddened that he also stopped putting those very good things where they belonged. Many other middle-earth type creatures would be deprived of the many good things that Squedge usually left for them right where they could find them, where they belonged. This was after all the correct way for everyone to be able to find the very very good things when they go looking for them to enjoy.

Well, after a couple of sun cycles, Wisharoo had his heart softened and decided that his friend was right, after all, and that no things in the wrong place were worth the friendship, for sure, ever!

So, Wisharoo started putting things where they belonged so that other middle-earth type creatures could easily find them when they wished to do so, and Squedge started putting his good, very good things again where folks had enjoyed them always before. A special new place was even made so that Wisharoo could put anything at all in there that he wanted to, and the understanding was that this new place could hold anything Wisharoo wanted to put in without causing a problem for anyone. What a happy day for Wisharoo!!

And Squedge and Bisharoo remained friends.hobbits.jpgHobbits.jpgHobbits.jpg


So, it is in the spirit of this totally fictional story that I will attempt a new music thread. I know there are a few already, women stars, guitar solos, headbangers, blues, Mezz has his Music thread but he has a certain slant on his thread that really only Mezz and a few others can follow like he likes it. So, post whatever you like, whatever you think about. I think I will post more comments about my choices, not a lot, just a bit here and there more like a good DJ might do. I am aware that most folks just look at the picture and never click on the video unless they have a bit more information. I think I can do a little of that without it being too much. Here we go, please JOIN IN as soon and as often as you would like. No particular order or anything.



Elton John mixed with some old movie clips of old Sci Fi classics.



Very nice quality on this live one.


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Awesome video. Narration by Orson Wells (Citizen Cain, War of the Worlds). Alan Parsons was a former Pink Floyd producer I believe. Do yourself a favor a have some good meds if you are a patient and take a listen and watch. Pretty cool stuff.


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