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2012 World Series

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Tigers lose game 1. They didn't show up, plain and simple. They go from sweeping the Yankees, to their hitters not performing and their pitching being severely lackluster.


Verlander got a visit from the pitching coach which really gave the crowd fodder. What happened after that? Sandoval's 2nd homer.


I don't remember who it was but what about that pitch, after Verlander was taken out, that bounced before it got anywhere near the plate?


Then look at Delmon Young just standing there picking his nose instead of running to 1st base after his "hit." He caused a double play.


So now we look ahead to game 2. Tigers down 1. Hostile territory. Pacific time zone. So that's the setting as far as the mental game. As for the physical, I guess Gore can't blame the altitude as the stadium is quite literally one Sandoval homer away from San Fran Bay . . .

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That was painful to watch, the boys need to get on it and quick, reminding me of our last apperance 5 days off after the sweep then the cardinals shut us out!!!


We have done it before we can still pull this off, I have faith in our home team!


I missed a halloween party for that game, grrrr lol




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