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Shots Fired At Caregivers Home By Rippers

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A licensed medical marijuana caregiver and grower found his home once again the target of would-be thieves. During their getaway, one of the thieves fired a shot at one of the man's neighbors.

The grower, who lives on Rensselaer, has been the victim of two previous break-ins. On Oct. 6, one plant was stolen from his garage when the thief or thieves used a hockey stick to reach through a vent to pull out a plant. On Oct. 14, someone broke through the side door of the garage and stole two plants. Since a break-in attempt and shots were fired at a neighbor Friday, the man has since moved his marijuana plants out of his garage and off of his property, Farmington Hills Police said.

At about 10 p.m. Friday, the licensed caregiver and a neighbor were on the deck in the backyard, smoking cigarettes. Dogs were let outside into the yard, and the dogs raced to an area behind the garage. Both men ran to the back of the garage because they knew someone was behind it.

They then saw a group of about six to 12 young men jump the fence to rear yards of nearby homes, then run to Ontaga Street, located one street west.

The homeowner and the neighbor ran to where they saw three cars parked. The lead car, described as a Pontiac G6 with a black racing stripe, pulled out and the driver told the neighbor in pursuit to get back. As the driver spoke, the neighbor ducked, then saw a flash of a gunshot. He didn't see a gun, but told police he believed the driver pulled the trigger. The bullet did not strike him, but the victim said he smelled gunpowder.

The car sped away southbound on Ontaga, followed by two other vehicles, then drove onto Eight Mile at a high rate of speed.

The homeowner believed the suspects, described as black males in their teens, were trying to steal marijuana from the garage, and were in the process of removing an air conditioning unit. The homeowner told police he also added surveillance cameras to improve his security, but since this last break-in attempt and shooting, he has decided to move the plants to an undisclosed site.

Police Chief Charles Nebus said the caregiver was following the rules and laws governing medical marijuana, and that neighbors had not complained about the man's activities. By growing medical marijuana, the caregivers can make themselves a target of a crime, even when they follow the rules.

The growers aren't always following the laws, either, Nebus said. Other caregivers and providers can create nuisance problems in neighborhoods and violate laws when they exceed the amount they should be growing, Nebus said.

“Medical marijuana continues to give us problems in trying to respond to it,” Nebus said. “Caregivers are frequently abusing the authority in the card, causing us enforcement problems and neighborhood nuisances. Neighbors complain about constant traffic.

“The law requires them to keep the plants in a locked facility, but most of the time, it is not. We did not have a complaint on him. It was stored in a locked facility. When we do make arrests for illegal sales for marijuana, it is because they are exceeding the amounts they should have. A lot of times it creates a nuisance in the neighborhood. It is difficult to enforce, you spend tax dollars doing it and, in this case, there was crime.”

Nebus said there are 13,000 residents in Oakland County with medical marijuana cards. Only 55 doctors have written up 70 percent of the cards in Michigan, Nebus said. Ninety percent of the cards are issued for nausea and muscle spasms, Nebus said.

Police are asking for anyone with information on the crime, the vehicle or the suspects to contact the Farmington Hills Police Department at (248) 871-2610.






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Most of the article is about patients and caregivers being criminals.


It's like reading a civil rights thing back in the 60's.


"A black man complained to police that he was beaten by several white males. The black man claims that he didn't provoke the event. Even though he was found in an all white area."


Find any way possible to cause bad light to be shown on the victim.


Obviously criminals that just happened to be within limits at that moment .. sick.

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I agree. They are just whining and not doing their job defending legal citizens. There is no excuse. If it wasn't your plants then it will be your gold. Take the criminals off the street. When they can march though neighborhoods in packs of 6-12 the problem is crime, not caregivers.


Police Chief Charles Nebus said the caregiver was following the rules and laws governing medical marijuana, and that neighbors had not complained about the man's activities.

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I just thought id leave that nonsensical bs at the end of the real story to show how biased law enforcement is to medical marijuana no crime commited yet this officer used a legal patients woes to show what he really thinks about all of us legal or not we must be skirting the law somewhere at least in his closed mind.

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