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New Patient Searching For A Cg


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I'm a new patient in the Livonia-Redford area, & I'm in need of an experienced caregiver that I can come to an agreement with concerning my medical needs.... I am willing to travel a reasonable distance to find the right fit. Please PM me if you can help regarding this matter.



Green Bean

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Welcome to the site!


Hey I did a quick search for your listed area, What you can do to find a more extensive listing is copy and paste or type "Livonia-Redford" in the search bar, and switch the feature to forums and hit search, you should be able to find a link to a CG in your area.. I found to listings on the first page of my search..


I DON'T know the posters (Caregivers) personally, or the quality of their services. So I will let you give the search engine a try Please PM me if you have any questions.. Good luck in your new venture in life and keep your Legal status to yourself just a hint of advice..I hope you find what your looking for, but you came to a very solid site to get started down your path..


Again great to have you on the site, PM (Personal Message) myself or a staff member if your need any assitance in the future.




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