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Looking For A Doctor


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Hello all,


I'm looking around at doctors in my area.

I live in Michigan in Allegan county.

However, I obviously want a doctor who understands natural cures.


So, kind of about me:

- Minor (15)

- Chronic back pain due to scoliosis (6+ months diagnosed)

- Insomnia (3+ years diagnosed)

- Depression (3+ years been diagnosed)

- Anxiety (3+ years)

- Anorexia (Possibly need-be re-diagnosed)

- Asthma (birth)

- Heart murmur (birth)


Everyone in my family suggested I get MM because of the beneficial affects and how much better I get when I'm high.


Any suggestions?

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the $50 club fee maybe worth it to relieve your symptoms.

or it may be a waste of time and money.


did you already check if the doctors listed in weedmaps write recs for minors?

did you already call all of the primary care doctors (and osteopaths) in the phone book and ask if they write MMJ recs?


a few phone calls may save that compassion club fee.

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With all of those various ailments do you have more than one physician that you normally see? I would recommend utilizing a couple of your normal doctors, the ones who know you best and could possibly write your recommendation based on that knowledge. I know that it can be somewhat daunting to approach these folks, but it will save you considerable amounts of money and hassle. I would talk to these doctors first, with a parent or guardian in tow, sitting in on the visit. Best of luck to you in your pursuit... Peace ... j.b.

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You aren't going to find many doctors that don't charge a fee for signing a medical marijuana application. There are doctors out there who will sign the ap for you though, you just have to find 2 of them. It's probably going to cost you at least 300 dollars for 2 doc sigs and state application fee.

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