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Cnbc Exec's 2 Young Children Are Stabbed & Killed One Day After $43T Lawsuit Story Published


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Is this tied to the 43 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit against the United Nations, Bank of America, HSBC, and nearly 2000 named banks, venture capitalism companies, the IMF and World Bank, and literally All Financial Home Loan Service and Mortgage Companies? This is being billed as the Largest Ponzi Scheme in History.


The 2 children murdered a few days ago, were the young children of a CNBC Executive, and happened one day after CNBC aired a Story on this Monumental Lawsuit filed in Federal Court of New York on August 27th, 2012, on behalf of the Dragon Family, which is an Old Family of Oriental Decent, from Indonesia I believe. The link is this Exec, Authorized the airing of the Story, and the murder of his children, allegedly by the Long Time Nanny, who supposedly stabbed herself upon the Mother returning home. Details are Very limited and sketchy atm, but there is more evidence coming to light which seem to make the murders appear to be a warning to anyone else "Thinking" of reporting on this Historic Lawsuit, that literally names the UN and its monetary Agencies, among Multiple US Banks and Government Entities...



If only this were a Conspiracy. I had thought this was just that, BS fantasy info, but when someone like Benjamin Fulford, 7 yr editor of Forbes Oriental Division, one would think there has to be something to it. But people tend to lose it at times, but now, with this very real lawsuit, it is looking like this isnt just a figment of an overstressed Imagination of some Former Forbes Editor in Cheif....




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