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Reusing Naptha When Making Rso

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When making RSO----------


After the buds have soaked in the Naptha and the Naptha has been drained off into a 5 gallon bucket can I put new buds into the used Naptha to soak then drain off the Naptha again. since Naptha is $17 a gallon I could cut my Naptha use in half especially when I have alot of bud to make into RSO. I'm not a chemist so I'm wondering if the Naptha is used up after the first bud soak and can't be used to soak more bud or if I can save some money and reuse the Naptha to soak buds multiple times. This way getting more RSO as an end product with the same amount of Naptha

I'm sure there is a point where the Naptha is saturated with THC and can't perform anymore but is it one time or can I reuse it many times. Thanks Aunt B says Hey

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