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So...how Does This Whole Thing Work?

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Alright, first of all: I know they're beyond strict here. I have a bunch of medical records from a neck/back/hip issue that's been plaguing me since last summer, and it keeps me from sleeping, I have insomnia as well; but I know you can't get a card for that in Michigan, so I'm going in for the pain.


I have X-Rays showing tissue damage, records of 2 unsuccessful 3 month rounds of physical therapy, records of multiple unsuccessful cortisone injections. Any Michigan guys here who would have any idea if that's enough? I'm also confused on the process, I go to the doctor, he sends a "recommendation" to the state, and then I'm mailed my card? Does someone have to approve said "recommendation", or is the recommendation the approval itself? Does "debilitating" apply to "I can't god darn sleep until I hear the birds chirping?". Yes, I've tried melatonin. I've tried aroma therapy, I've tried light therapy, but none of that really matters as I can't go in for the insomnia.


Essentially, I'm lost. Hope you guys can give me some guidance.

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I'm sorry to hear about your condition. Once you find a doctor who feels that medical marijuana would be an option for you, he/she would give you a "recommendation." The recommendation, along with other necessary paper work, are submitted to the state for approval, then if all is well you would eventually be issued a card that allows you to grow or possess Marijuana.

In the beginning, it seems quite a mountain to climb. But once you get started, it all goes very quick. I sincerely hope Marijuana is something that will help with your condition as it has mine and many others. I would recommend taking all previous medical records with you for the Doctor to review.


You might be well served exploring the State Regulations first, then looking for advice on a Doctor in your area after familiarizing yourself with the current law.



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your medical records (and a physical/review in person) are required for a rec by a doctor.

when the doctor gives you a rec (one sheet of paper signed by him) you send that to the state yourself.


LARA (the state registry) will approve/reject your application. currently , i think they only reject applications if they are missing documentation or money. most applications get approved. your card will be sent (unless they reject it) within 14-20 days from when they receive it. send your rec/application to them via certified mail so you know exactly when they sign for it.


debilitating means has it affected your life? in that , has it prevented you from doing what you normally do more than X number of times in the last month/year? pretty easy question to answer, and you've already answered it. if the pain keeps you awake, or prevents you from getting exercise or working at your job, lifting things, etc.


but really, dont sweat it. if you find a good doctor, theres nothing to worry about.

i was _extremely_ anxious when i went in, but i found thats all for nothing!

i'm happy that i got over my fears and saw a doctor. i didnt realize how much the pain was affecting me and my demeanor towards others.


good luck! and dont hesitate to ask if you need more info or have questions.

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I don't know where you live, but there is a MMMP office off Northwestern Hwy in Livonia that took me about a 2 hour wait and a 5 minute explanation with giving them a copy of my medical records and under $100 and I got my card in 21 days. Good luck.

I'm planning on going to the Over the Moon clinic on Pontiac Trail in Walled Lake, it's like a 10 minute drive.

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