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Help End Policing For Profit

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You don't have to commit a crime for the police to seize your property and keep it for themselves. It's called civil asset forfeiture, and it's worse than just the government seizing cash, cars, and property...it's a way for the government to fund SWAT raids, purchase surveillance equipment, and finance the Drug War.


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Thank you

People need to know that even if you fine yourself in the court system for being all legal

and have the $$$ for a good Lawyer and just maybe get lucky to get your case dismissed

Like we did almost 4 years ago you still don't get your stuff back I do know that we have heard of some people here getting their grow equipment

back and that's great for them they got lucky




Hang inn their Larry and if you could let us know when your court day is I will come and bring someone with me if I am not in court are self on that day like last time



Peace From The Front



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As important as this subject is, look, only 5 post including this one. We should be mad as hell and our computers should be afire sending emails to our local and state representatives expressing our displeasure of this sort of robbery by our own government. They have ripped me off and I'm mad as hell. I will type my fingers to the bones until this squeaky wheel has been greased or cremated, which ever comes first.

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