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Advice Please!

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I just got approved today by a doctor. I'm trying to get the paperwork sent out ASAP(tonight) and am wondering what the best method is for paying the state?



The paper says that it's very IMPORTANT to include ALL OF THE DOCUMENTS in the single envelope.



How should I go about paying the state? Should I send a check with my online bill pay? Has anyone ever done this before? I want to be able to buy medicine as quick as possible!



My second option is a Money Order..

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Personal Check for sure!


Send it from the post office CERTIFIED MAIL, not priority mail.


A certified mail ticket will come to you in the mail telling you it was delivered, keep this.


Go online and access the checking account and print out a copy of the check once it has been cashed, there will be a date on the back, this is important, 21 days after this date you will be legal.


Be safe. Be well.

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